Board Game Cafe Frenzy is coming!

We just finished the exhibition at Tokyo Game Market (a.k.a. TGM). And the most exciting news is that we debuted our new title "Board Game Cafe Frenzy" in the fair!

Did you see the new title from us? :)

Board Game Cafe Frenzy is a card game that you manage a board game cafe through two phases: Preparation and Store Opening phase. When the game ends, if you earn the most money among all the competitors, you win the game!

We sold new title Board Game Cafe Frenzy at Tokyo Game Market.

We have sold this title out at TGM and will show up at UK Game Expo soon. Board Game Cafe Frenzy will be our Essen Spiel'19 release as well. If you would like to grab a copy before Spiel'19, we try to make few copies in order to fulfill your requirement. For further detail, we will explain more later.

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