Board Game Cafe Frenzy

Designer: Citie Lo
Artist: Citie Lo

Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 30-60mins

Age: 10+
Publisher: The Wood Games

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Rulebook: Click here

The goal of the game is to have the most money at the end of two phases. In the first phase (Preparation Phase), players will make
investments into their own board game café. In the second phase
(Store Opening Phase), players will attempt to win over customers
and earn as much money as possible.


1. Are storefront cards included in the capacity limit?
=> Storefront cards won't count in the capacity limit. You can see page 9 first note in the rulebook to know more details.


2. Are employee cards included in the capacity limit?
=> Employee cards count in the capacity limit. But you can't remove it if you don't have enough capacity. You can see page 9 second note in the rulebook to know more details.

3. In a 2 player game, does the dummy player start with coins as if a real 3rd player?
=>  Dummy player won't get any coins during setup. BTW, when resolve the scoring of both phase, remember to resolve for dummy player as well. 

4. On page 12 of the English rules, it says to draw a Mystery Customer card from the 2 decks.  Shouldn't it say from the 3 decks?
=> You are right. This is a typo. It should be "Pick one of the three customer decks".


5. Can upgraded meal and upgraded board game icons count as standard icons for fulfilling Customer goals?
=> No. Once board game or meal upgraded, they are no longer to be a standard item. 

6. At end of game, when counting action disks for points, does this include both used and unused action disks?
=> Only the unused ones count.  

7.When playing the 2 player game, it says to only evaluate the 2 real players when determining turn order.  Does this mean the dummy player is always last?

=> Yes or no. First phase only compares 2 real players. But in second phase, the player who with higher (earlier) turn order will select the cards for dummy player. (that means, for instance, dummy player may get first place if he plays highest number card among players)

8. Do Wi-fi symbols spent to fulfill customer card goals also count towards the Wi-fi scoring at the end of the game?
=> Yes, still count in. 

9. Do you evaluate the customer card goals for the dummy player (in a 2 player game) at the end of the game?  If so, do you also penalize the dummy player if they fail to fulfill the customer card goals?
=> Yes, just resolve it as real players :) They might successfully fulfill the goals by upgraded clerk or upgraded board game and meals. 

10. For Endgame Scoring it says on page 13 that players receive coins based on on how many Wi-Fi icons they have. As far as I understand all visible Wi-Fi Icons must be counted. Preserved Wi-Fi Icons for Customer requiremtens won't count in this case. Is it right?

=> You are right. Only the ones that showed on cards count. 

11. In your Q&A (Questions number 6) it says that only unused actions dics will count for endgame scoring (2 unused action dics = 1 coin) I assume when playing with "Meeple Soup" special ability which gives 1 coin for 1 action dics at the end of the game likewise only unused action discs are taken into account for scoring?
=> When using Meeple Soup, unused action discs counted twice. One is for normal scoring (2 discs for 1 point) and store ability (1 disc for 1 point).